Who Are Satisfied Customers....

  •  Sodexo
  • Premier Inc. 
  • Health Food Stores
  • VA
  • Army
  • Air Force
  • AAFES (serving military schools in nine European & Asian countries)
  • Mariano’s

Who We Are.....

Coffee, Tea, and Me (C.T.M.) is a Chicago based manufacturer that was established in 1987. Coffee, Tea, and Me is a diverse workforce and a certified MBE/WBE; and an approved vendor with Gordon’s, Sysco and US Foods. C.T.M. specializes in producing and distributing great tasting Vegan and Vegetarian bake goods, desserts, seasoned and pre-cooked vegetables, vegetable spreads and entrees.

We are currently partnered with Premier Inc., Sodexo and the military; manufacturing for them Whole Grain Breakfast breads. Our breakfast breads and whole grain breakfast items meet the USDA guidelines for promoting good health. 

Our satisfied customers are able to provide healthy alternative to their clients: K-12 schools, day care, long term care, hospitals (menu trays), golf courses, colleges, universities, restaurants, cafeterias, snack carts, corporate dining, fine department stores and various retail outlets.

C.T.M. is capable of distributing to 48 states and our products are manufactured in a Tree Nut/ Peanut Free Facility.

The Perfect Fit For Every Menu